After the Smoke drove us out of the Tetons this year I moved camp to West Yellowstone for the remainder of the trip. We traveled out looking fo Wildlife and like the Tetons we did not find much to photograph. I made the decision to try a spot on the east side of the park that I had had luck in the past finding Bears. After driving 2+ hours from camp we found a Grizzly Bear people call Snow.We photographed her for a few hours before it was time to return to camp. The next morning I decided to return to see Snow again. Snow was much closer to the road and in a better area to photograph her. After 3 hours of watching her it was time to leave and head back to camp.


On the way back to camp it started to snow but not enough to stick to the ground. We arrived to the madison river area of the park just before sunset so we looked around for Elk and was hoping for a sunset. The Elk stayed in the trees for the most part but we did see one nice bull but could not get a good shot of him.


One last thing on the list of shots I wanted was to hike to the new overlook of Grand Prismatic spring. The park service put this new spot in to look over the spring and it is not a tough hike but it was well worth the time. I captured several shots using a long lens to show the color of the spring.


This years trip although not my best was still a lot of fun. I hope to get back to Yellowstone in the spring to see the bears after the come out of the dens.