Alaska part two

After our adventure the day before we woke up early to catch out boat out to the lodge. We had about a 5 hour ride of sight seeing before we arrived at the lodge. Along the way we spotted some Puffins that had not gone out to sea for winter.


I found that my Canon 7Dmkii paired with My Canon 100-400 F4.5-5.6 ISii was the perfect setup for shooting from a moving boat. The wave action made it tough to keep the subject in frame at time but the light weight made for easy hand holding for sharp crisp shots. After our 5 hour boat ride we arrive at the Kenai Fjords Glacier lodge located ne the Pedersen Glacier. The lodge staff meet us at the beach and after a short hike we arrived at one of the most beautiful locations one could want to spend time at. the lodge was located next the the Glaciers lagoon. The View was just amazing.


One of the highlights of the trip was the time we spent in the lagoon photographing the Sea Otters. The calm water made it easy to find the Otters and photograph them.


Afte 3 days in this wonderful lodge it was time to leave and return to home. The boat ride back was bittersweet as we headed back to Seward for the long trek home. After departing the boat we traveled the road back to Anchorage to catch our early morning flight home. Alaska is a land too much diversity and I will be planing more trips in the future to this amazing place. but for now it was back home for a week then off to the Tetons and Yellowstone.